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UPS from AEG Power Solutions offers fast delivery and full support

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AEG Power Solutions offers fast delivery of high reliability, cost effective UPS solutions for  Electrical Contractors and Installers. AEG provide a complete solution including surveys, risk and method statements and service all backed by a project management office staffed with knowledgeable applications engineers that fully understand their customer's needs.

AEG UPS offer full compliance to specification single and 3-Phase state of the art 100% digital UPS technology. PROTECT 3.31 and 3.33 UPS are available from 10 to 120KVA, operate from 230VAC or 400VAC 3-phase, with autonomy scalable from 3 minutes up to several hours. AEG UPS are suitable for all mission-critical applications including industrial applications, building automation, telecommunications and data centres.

AEG UPS offer real online technology (Double Conversion) to classification 1 according to IEC 62040-3. With market leading performance and unequalled dynamics these technologically advanced products provide the highest availability using internal redundancies as well as redundant parallel operation with up to 8 units (960 KVA). Fully protected against overload and short circuit, AEG UPS products also offer 2 to 3 times the immunity against electro-smog than specified in the UPS standard

AEG Power Solutions provides customer-centred power solutions for protection against power fluctuations and failures to prevent data loss and expensive system d:owntime. AEG Power Solutions is building on its many years of experience in the field of uninterruptible power systems to provide cost effective, easy-to-operate products. In addition to being a leading UPS provider the company also supplies high-end products for IT infrastructure, together with extensive availability logistics and support services. AEG Power Solutions is a company with an illustrious past which aims to continue setting standards in the future.

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E:  [email protected]


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