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Green wins every time

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The UK's biggest construction firms will give preference to contractors who can prove their green credentials, it has been claimed.

According to new research conducted by, 87% of large construction companies have more confidence in subcontractors that have a track record in environmentally-friendly working practices.

More than half of companies taking part in the survey also felt green business policies would save subcontractors money.

Stuart Rowe, contracts executive at Ellmer Construction said: "As a large construction firm, we have our own set of robust green policies in place and provide environmental training for workers.

"However, it is essential for subcontractors to understand the value of having their own environmental policies."

Mr Rowe concluded that contractors who take into account the environmental impact of the work they carry out will have a distinct advantage of competitors who do not.

From the first of September this year, contractors working on building sites in Wales will be subject to new environmental standards aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the construction sector.

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