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Easy-to-install underfloor heat mats

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Electric floor heating is now recognised as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional heating systems.

The very nature of the heating mat means it can be used in the redecoration of any room or project, large or small, and in places where underfloor heating cable cannot be used.

Heatstore is expanding its successful electric underfloor heating products to include a range of 200w/m² mats, which like the current 160w/m² mat and 14w/m cable system, are ideal for use under tiles, slate and natural stone floor coverings such as conservatories.
This enables areas of high heat loss to be covered for primary heating with mats.

The new 200w/m² mats are available in 7 lengths, with the 3mm heating cable attached to a tough fibreglass mesh, which has double-sided tape pre fixed to it.

All the systems use the same BEAB approved 3mm double core heating cable and are covered by a 15 year warranty.

More importantly, Heatstore offers a full design service for the underfloor product line; including site visits and problem solving for difficult installations. Please call the technical team for guidance. There is also a short installation film for both underfloor product types – available on the website at

0117 923 5375

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