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Beama battles counterfeit products

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Beama, the EDA and several other industry associations are continuing the battle against counterfeit and non-complying electrical products with a full-size poster via electrical wholesalers.

With the slogan ‘Counterfeit kills, be safe – don't electrocute your customers', the poster – featuring a raging inferno – follows the Counterfeit Kills DVD/CD and cross-industry charter. It reinforces the message to electrical contractors to only buy from reputable wholesalers, especially EDA members.

Through a direct marketing campaign wholesalers are urged to prominently display the poster at trade counters and for their customers to report counterfeit electrical products.

Alan Birks, president, Beama installation sector, said: "We believe that despite the obvious attraction of buying products on the cheap in these ‘credit crunch' times, most contractors will draw the line at deliberately installing inferior quality – potentially dangerous – kit.

"At the trade counter our poster may just encourage them to buy their installation equipment from a reputable wholesaler – rather than risk killing their customers. It's everyone's responsibility in the supply chain to be vigilant concerning counterfeit electrical products. Electrical wholesalers and contractors have a vital role to play."

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