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Hazard protection with busbars

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Rittal's RiLine60 busbars offer new, uniform system bases with three lines available for ratings up to 1600amps.  With a choice of flat or profile bar and offering rapid and simple assembly, as well as superior safety and individual modularity, RiLine60 is tailored towards the latest switchgear concepts.  Whether 3 or 4 pole, all applications can be catered for from simple distribution through to complex starter solutions.

Profile or PLS busbars are simply inserted into the respective support.  The integral slide then automatically adapts to the bar width of either: 15, 20, 25 or 30mm.  By inserting the bars and securing with the new Rittal locking system, assembly has become quicker and easier.  No other accessory parts are required and up to eight copper cross-sections can be mounted into one support.  Free positioning of the support makes planning easier, offers greater stability and where necessary, utilises the space more effectively.

Control gear is also easily assembled and wired up onto the RiLine60 support frame and can be mounted directly onto the busbar in one simple operation. Modular control gear widths are supported from 45mm. The base tray now has an ingenious dual function, contact hazard protection and mounting rail for the component adaptors. Power distribution systems from Rittal comply with the latest standard and regulations, including IPX2 and all plastic materials used within the busbar system are self-extinguishing (in accordance with UL 94-VO).

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