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Air management system eliminates escaping airflow

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Rittal has introduced a range of AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA air management systems to enhance the cooling performance in ATCA and µTCAshelves. Due to steadily increasing power demands, heat output is on the rise. To ensure any crucial cooling airflow is not wasted by escaping from any unused slots in the chassis, Rittal has developed a filler panel which acts as a barricade to prevent any valuable unused cooling air from escaping. The air management system within the filler provides a resistance barrier to the airflow in any empty slots therefore raising the pressure that improves the flow to where it is actually required most within the active board area.

For AdvancedTCA Rittal has ‘full specification' filler panels for empty slots, which includes a plate to simulate the missing blade (or PCB) and baffles at both the bottom and top to prevent unwanted airflow.  The rear filler panel kits are identically configured to those at the front, but with an additional plate to prevent air passing from the front board space over the top of the backplane and into the RTM area.  For applications where the cooling performance is not critical, the filler panels can be supplied without air management accessories.

In Rittal's MicroTCA air baffle systems, the filler front panel (face plate) dummy AMC board and adjustable baffles kit is available either in compact, mid-size or full size or as separate components.  The air baffles are adjusted by breaking out segments to allow partial airflow, thus more closely simulating a populated slot than if a solid barrier is installed.

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