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One panel, two formats – universal protection

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The Eurofire EU24 is the new fire panel from Emergi-Lite Safety Systems’ fire safety brand, Emergi-Fire. By giving users and installers the choice of operating in either 2-wire Sensa or 4-wire conventional formats, Eurofire EU24 offers universal protection on the one panel.

Using a straightforward menu of instructions, users can set up a Eurofire EU24 non-addressable fire detection panel for either the AlarmSense range of 2-wire devices or conventional 4-wire (Orbis or series 65 detectors with conventional alarm devices).

Designed to comply with the European standard EN54 parts 2 and 4, Eurofire EU24 also offers 2-wire and 4-wire system integration – allowing one or more zones in a 4-wire selected system to be set to the 2-wire Sensa configuration, or conversely, can recognise and operate 4-wire zone/s in a 2-wire system.

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