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Motor laminations – a new approach

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Precision Micro is adopting a radically different approach to the manufacture of custom laminations and stacks for use in high end motors for aerospace, medical, motor sport and military/defence applications. These stacks are finding favour in high speed and large diameter applications, usually in small to medium volumes.

The Company is producing the individual laminates by high precision etching instead of the conventional stamping. The digital tooling used in the etching process enables prototypes to be produced in hours rather than the months it could take to manufacture a press tool. Press tools for large diameter laminations can be prohibitively expensive whereas the digital tooling is extremely low cost. 

Small volume and complex or large laminations have been profiled traditionally by laser cutting or wire erosion but Precision Micro claims its etching route has significant benefits over such processes.

The company utilises a special resist for the etching process, a dielectric material that is also used to fuse the laminations together under heat and pressure, obviating the need for staking or riveting with their potential for unwanted conductivity.

Precision Micro's stacks are claimed to be exceptionally accurate and concentric with tolerances of 50 microns or better achieved over a 400mm diameter. They are smooth with clean, burr-free edges to eliminate production problems during winding.

The Company can produce laminations from a wide range of conductive materials including electrical steels, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, and stainless steel in both standard and thin gauges.

Precision Micro
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