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Industry embraces 3D technologies

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Although interactive 3D technologies have been available for years, it has taken a surprisingly long time for many in industry to embrace them.
In the electrical industry, one of the first to see the potential five years ago was Schneider Electric in the UK. Members of the Animmersion team were involved in numerous projects, utilising both rendered and interactive 3D animations for Switchgear product operation guides delivered via CD/DVD, an advantage to producing the usual printed versions.
Animmersion is experienced, innovative and recognises the potential of 3D interactive and animated solutions when it comes to marketing, presenting or training for electrical equipment or products.
Animmersion also produces superb high definition, photorealistic imagery of components, cables and installed equipment for marketing, catalogues and the web. The advantage over still life photography is evident when you see the results. Provided CAD models can be used or bespoke models created which can then be re-used to produce interactive product demonstrations, exploded diagrams and rich internet applications.
Animmersion adapt their project experience in this industry to providing winning solutions that give an edge over the competition. To find out more or request a personal demo please email or tel: 01642 384474

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