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New rigid plastic carrier range

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New products are available in the plastic carrier range of Kabelschlepp Metool. Amongst the recent innovations, Kabelschlepp Metool is introducing the Easytrax chain. It combines seemingly contradictory properties: a highly stable carrier design for long, unsupported lengths with flexible crossbars to allow quick looming by simply stripping in the cables. This is made possible by using intelligent two-component material technology, considerably reducing installation or maintenance times.

‘Two-component' stands for the combination of two elements with different properties: a stiff carrier body with soft crossbars. Stability and flexibility in one carrier – made possible by combining materials.

The body of the cable carrier is made of special fiber reinforced plastic. This economical yet very high-quality GRP compound allows for an easy carrier design with extra high stability. The unsupported length of Easytrax is almost twice compared to cable chains made of conventional materials. The chain links are clipped together, allowing defined length for the specific application. The carrier body has flexible lamella like crossbars of an elastic yet durable special material. The cable carrier is quickly loomed with cables by simply stripping them in. This not only reduces assembly time, it also simplifies and speeds up any cable replacement. What is special about this lamella stay system: when cables are pressed in, the flexible crossbars swivel out forward instead of downward. This means the compartment of the carrier remains clear and no space is blocked by a crossbar folding down. When the crossbars fold inward, you block cable space and the compartment size is reduced. And, existing cables can block the crossbars. On top of that, the forward swiveling lamella crossbars allow the use of divider systems for separating the cables. Again, stays that fold inward into the carrier compartment are blocked by the divider and do not allow sufficient space for placing cable. Because of the special overlapping shape, stays rest firmly on the chain link and guarantee safe routing of cable.

To prevent links snapping out and to achieve high lateral stability of the cable carrier, the link stops are locked in the bend radius and in the pre-tension stop.

The UK-based specialist for cable carrier systems provides the right solution for any application: In the type 30 design, the lamella crossbars open to the outer radius, and to the inside the radius in type 40 design. For EASYTRAX, end connectors are available with integrated strain relief comb to allow cables can to be fixed quickly and reliably. Different connection variants are possible by simply changing the connectors. Because of integrated noise damping, the carrier runs very quiet and the small pitch results in very smooth operation.
With new Quicktrax, Kabelschlepp Metool is presenting the next generation of compact and economical plastic carriers. Like Easytrax, Quicktrax with its innovative two-component technology is designed for fast routing of cables.

With a new crossbar system with elastic film hinges, the carrier can be quickly and easily opened for routing and replacing cables. The cable carrier runs exceptionally quiet due to the integrated noise damping; the small pitch results in very smooth operation.
Due to flexible material and special shaping, the crossbars can be unlocked with a single manual operation, and the carrier is ready for placing the cable. They can be closed just as quickly. No additional tools are required for looming the cable carrier, and the handling only requires a screw driver.

Depending on the application, the crossbars open in the outer radius (type 30 design) or in the inner radius (type 40 design). The other side of the crossbar is molded to the chain link. It remains firmly attached to the carrier body even when it is open during the laying process, which prevents loosing it.

The body of the cable carrier is based on that of the new Easytrax cable carrier: The chain links consist of special GRP. This economical yet very high quality compound material provides extra high rigidity, which allows unsupported travel  "without sag" to be almost twice that of carriers made of conventional material. The fixed chain links are placed one on top of the other and clipped together, allowing the length that is specified for the application to be achieved by simply pressing them together. In combination with the innovative crossbar system, this results in an extremely strong but practical cable carrier with a high degree of torosional rigidity for high travel speeds.

For reliable routing and separation of the cables, Kabelschlepp also offers designs with divider systems. The special wrap-around shaping, makes dividers stay firmly in the chain link thus ensuring reliable cable management.

The stops are locked in the bend radius and in the pre-tension stop. This prevents snapping in these areas and gives the high lateral stability of the cable carrier, making Quicktrax suitable for arrangements where the carrier is running on its side. End connectors are available with integrated strain relief, on which the cables can be quickly and reliably fixed. Different connection variants are possible by simply changing the connectors.

In addition to new Easytrax and Quicktrax, the all-round Uniflex Advanced series is available in all sizes. Uniflex has been improved to be quieter, lighter and more effective. The economical Uniflex range of cable carriers with a double stop system for long unsupported travel are part of the standard Kabelschlepp range of products.

This cable carrier with diverse opening and covering variants has proven its practical application with numerous customers There is a wide range of applications for the Uniflex  carriers with its fixed chain widths: whether used on container lifting equipment in ports, on roll neck milling machines in machine tooling and special machine building, panel beam saws or edge gluing machines for wood processing, on milling and drilling centers for window construction, packaging machines or assembly platforms.

But even proven products must be state of the art and offer the potential for increasing effectiveness. New Uniflex Advanced is characterized by its optimized carrier geometry. The carrier has become lighter with even higher torsional rigidity, and it stands acceleration of up to 10 m/s2. The cable carrier is especially quiet in operation; featuring its integrated damping system with innovative damping elements. With this, it is suitable for strict noise protection requirements, making a significant contribution to reducing the (noise) emissions of an entire system.

All variants equipped with an efficient ball joint mechanism, allowing quick opening to either left and right by simply rotating it outward and swiveling up. The cross stays can be opened outward (type 030 design) or inward (type 40 design) the radius, depending on access needs. When open, the crossbar remains on the chain link – this simplifies handling, saves time and prevents the crossbar from getting lost. In case it was necessary to remove the crossbar from the chain link, it can be completely detached simply by turning it. The new Uniflex generation is also available with a closed frame (type 020 design). A design with one-piece solid plastic chain links provides even greater rigidity, and is especially suitable for extreme loads, such as hydraulic hoses with small bend radii. It also is a very cost-effective solution.
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