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ETB calls for education in apprenticeships

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The Engineering and Technology Board (ETB) has released preliminary research which suggests careers advisors, teachers and other education professionals are not sufficiently informed about apprenticeships.

The research, entitled Engineers and Engineering Brand Monitor, reveals 55% of education professionals believe a degree is the minimum qualification required for a career in engineering, and are apparently unaware of apprenticeships. 39% of education professionals believe a physics qualification is necessary for a career in engineering (which it isn't for apprenticeships). Over a quarter of education professionals associated engineering with ‘men', ‘males' and being ‘male dominated'.

Paul Jackson, chief executive of the ETB, said: "Despite the fact the average person comes into contact with dozens of pieces of technology every day before work, many teachers, careers advisors, parents and other influencers have a limited understanding of the everyday work of engineers, and this leads to a gap between what they communicate to young people, and the opportunities of the profession.

"Engineering apprenticeships provide a flexible and accessible pathway into what is a diverse and rewarding career. We can and must work together to support education professionals in ensuring young people are fully aware of this."

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