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Low voltage multi –purpose sounder

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Klaxon Signals has introduced a low-voltage AC version of the multi-purpose Nexus sounder for use with applications that have a low voltage AC supply.

In general, low voltage AC signalling products between 24-48V AC are not readily available in the industrial market, so Klaxon's low voltage Nexus can meet the demand and provide signalling for applications including cranes, conveyors, moving machinery and process control alarms.

Products in the Nexus range are available as either a sounder or sounder-beacon with red or amber LED options. The Nexus combines a powerful 110 dB sound output and high efficiency LED beacon to create a powerful audio-visual warning signal. The low voltage Nexus is also water and dust proofed to IP66 for heavy industrial or outdoor applications.

All Nexus connections are made to the base and the head "clicks" into place ensuring a fast and reliable installation. Additionally, the head is fixed by quarter turn fasteners rather than four individual screws, saving more time and providing accurate seal compression for weatherproofing.
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