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Mobile Exhibition Unit hits the road

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Panasonic Electric Works UK has recognised in the current difficult UK and Irish economic market environment many potentially interested designers, engineers, managers and buyers are unable to take time off to visit traditional exhibitions at a distant central venue.

To cater for this PEWUK has built a fully integrated Mobile Exhibition Unit. Now with just a short period away from your desk at a convenient on-site location, you can see the full factory automation range from Panasonic and SUNX including laser marking, coding, vision recognition, sensing, light curtains, components, eco power meters, fans, HMI, sensors and Luxlift. 

If there is seen to be a specific need for greater emphasis on one or another of the ranges the MEU can be quickly re-configured to cater for that need.  To book the MEU for an on-site visit please phone 01908 231555.

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