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University of Edinburgh signs with EDF Group

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The University of Edinburgh and EDF Grouphave signed a framework agreement to collaborate in research and development of wave and tidal current energy as well as electricity network integration.

The signing of the five-year agreement will signal a long-term strategic partnership for EDF Group, the parent company of EDF Energy. The partnership is through EDF Group's research and development department.

Peter Hofman, director for sustainable future for EDF Energy said: "We are delighted to be partnering with such a leading scientific establishment as the University of Edinburgh. We are looking forward to working together on renewable energy technologies, a subject that is of critical importance to our company and an example of the diverse range of power sources that will be required to deliver long term secure, affordable, low carbon energy to our customers."

Professor Robin Wallace, head of the Institute for Energy Systems, in the School of Engineering and Electronics at the University of Edinburgh said: "We are very excited to be collaborating with colleagues in EDF Group R&D in many aspects of wave and tidal energy conversion and its network delivery. There are now several full-scale wave and tidal energy converters generating electricity into the UK and European networks. This is a timely and welcome partnership whose joint R&D effort will contribute to the further evolution and acceleration of the sector into an established industry."

The university is currently engaged in research relating to wave, tidal current and wind energy and research into the electricity network integration of renewable energy. This is complemented by EDF Group, which is engaged in research both into renewable energy generation that aims to improve output and reduce costs and also into technologies that improve electricity transmission and distribution networks.

This agreement formalises and builds on existing collaboration between EDF Group and the university, who are presently working together in the SuperGen Marine Energy Research Consortium and the EU EquiMar project.  SuperGen is a five-university collaboration in underpinning marine energy R&D and EquiMar is a three year European venture to test, evaluate and establish standards for wave and tidal energy technologies. 

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