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Circuit breakers set new benchmark

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Schneider Electric has launched its new Compact NSX range of moulded case circuit breakers to deliver new levels of performance and intelligence in a familiar small package.

With options for monitoring and communication functions, the new range of Compact NSX circuit breakers is ready for current and future needs. Protective functions are enhanced and for the first time both energy consumption and power can be monitored at the device.

Launched in 1994, the original and still current Compact NS set the standard for moulded case circuit breakers. Synonymous with high performance and innovation, it was often imitated, but never equalled. Contractors and panel builders valued its small size and easy installation and users benefited from premium protection as well as electronic functions that brought unprecedented ease of operation. The Compact NS was indeed "simply a step ahead".

Today, new demands have surfaced. Electrical installations must go beyond installation standards to provide new analysis, measurement and communication functions in addition to uncompromising protection. Reliability of power is critical and energy costs must be continually optimised. Hence, the significant investment Schneider Electric has made in the radical new design of the Compact NSX, which carries no fewer than 23 discrete patent applications.

The originality lies in how Compact NSX measures, processes and displays data, either locally on an integrated LCD display, remotely on the switchboard front panel using the functional display module or via a gateway to the monitoring system. It is compatible with Schneider Electric's PowerLogic monitoring software which provides users with parameter sets and tools for comprehensive monitoring.

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