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BWEA welcomes wind report

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BWEA has welcomed the Carbon Trust's recent report on small wind systems, and claims there can now be little doubt the UK is in a good position to benefit from correctly sited small wind systems.

The organisation states at the right locations, small wind systems can produce electricity cheaper than the grid and payback their embedded carbon within months. With the best wind resources in Europe, it says the UK has literally millions of homes and businesses which could benefit from the effective deployment of this technology.

The report states in theory small wind systems could contribute 8% of UK electricity, but acknowledges with today's technology, current electricity prices mean the technology is only scratching the surface of what may be possible. Nonetheless this means nearly two million homes and business could successfully benefit from small wind systems today. With technology costs reducing and fossil fuels prices set to continue to increase, the potential of this technology is only going to grow.

Alex Murley, BWEA Small-system manager said "This is good news for consumers and UK industry. Micro- and small-wind is the only microgeneration technology in which the UK currently holds world leadership. With over 14 British manufacturers, currently experiencing annual domestic market growth of over 80%, as well as expanding export trade, this emerging UK industry could deliver tens of thousands of jobs as well as make valuable contribution in helping consumers to cutting carbon emissions and generate their own clean renewable energy.

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