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Modular communications outlets match power accessories

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A comprehensive and flexible range of TV/radio, telephone, data and sound system outlets is now available in styles to match Eaton's popular INTRA, COPA and EMA ranges of wiring accessories.  Based on a modular concept, they offer a flexible build solution to the increasing need for communications outlets in modern homes and businesses.

Interior designers and installers can satisfy virtually any modern requirement for communications and broadcast media connections using products that suite with lighting switches, socket-outlets and other accessories in the home or workplace.

The offering is based on a modular grid construction which enables the installer to assemble single, two-gang or four-gang plates to suit the needs of the installation.   Most outlets are 25 x 50mm units available as white or black polycarbonate modules.   The plates are offered in the same size, profile and finish as Eaton's INTRA white moulded, COPA clip-on plate and EMA moulded polycarbonate accessory ranges.

Modules include co-axial screened outlets for television, radio or satellite connections; master and secondary BT telephone outlets, RJ11 and RJ45 Cat 6 data outlets, and twin phono or loudspeaker outlets.  There are also blanking plates.   A two-gang (50 x 50mm) "quad" module incorporates separate coaxial outlets for TV, radio, satellite and return connections in a single unit. 

INTRA is Eaton's basic range of white moulded accessories.  A full portfolio of telephone, data and broadcast media outlets in the INTRA styling, increases the appeal of this comprehensive range of switches, socket-outlets and other accessories.

Eaton's COPA clip-on plate accessories have no visible fixing screws and allow architects, interior designers, homeowners and developers to select from a choice of no fewer than ten different plates for each accessory.  The basic accessories can be installed first, energised, tested and left safely without the cover plates.  Finishing trades can then decorate right up to the accessories without damaging, or getting paint on the cover plates. Installation of the cover plates can be left to the last minute and plates can be changed subsequently to suit any new decor.

The EMA range of Eaton moulded accessories is a tough yet stylish range of moulded thermoplastics wiring accessories that resist cracking and are suitable for residential and commercial interiors including homes, hotels, hostels, shops and offices.   Tight-fitting caps can be fitted to conceal the fixing screws, rendering them inconspicuous and secure.  

"We already offer selected communications and broadcast media outlets in all our wiring accessory ranges but the new modular outlets offer a greatly enhanced range of options in the INTRA, COPA and EMA families.  Their use will avoid the all-too-common mixture of different styles and finishes for wiring accessories and communications outlets" says Frank Sayers, Product Manager – Wiring Accessories.


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