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High temperature CIR connectors from ITT Interconnect Solutions ensure safety on railways and in transportation

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High temperature VEAM CIR connectors, described in a new application note from leading hi-rel connector company, ITT Interconnect Solutions, were developed to address concerns of passenger safety on the European railway system – specifically the new European standards CEN/TS 45545 governing fire railway safety. These regulations require a connector able to withstand high temperature exposure for a period of 15 minutes, where the exposure-criteria are governed by the ISO 834-1 heating curve (maximum temperature of 800degC).

VEAM CIR connectors from ITT Interconnect Solutions are able to withstand well over 15 minutes (handle 30 minutes minimum) of exposure to the ISO 834-1 mandated heating curve.  The idea behind these standards and VEAM CIR is to ensure that the connectors remain active while the train moves away from the site of accident or fire. This guarantees that critical control signals remain viable without the need for complex technical solutions.

Featuring a stainless steel shell and ceramic insulators, VEAM CIR connectors are available with 35 size 12 poles rated at 40 A. Further arrangements of 40 size 16 poles rated at 36 A, and 4 size 16 poles (MVA line) will also be available in the near future.  A silicon rubber grommet ensures sealing and contacts with a metallic retention clip provide a high integrity contact that will not release under extreme conditions of shock and vibration.

Typical applications besides railway systems, also include use as a transportation interconnect and in high temperature environments where signal integrity is critical

The new connectors are detailed in an application note which is freely downloadable from

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