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17th Edition multi function tester launched by Di-Log

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With the introduction of BS7671:2008 17th Edition wiring regulations on 1st July 2008, Di-Log has launched the latest Multi-Function Tester to meet these regulations.

Di-Log have introduced the 9083P Multi-Function Tester.  Based on the successful 9073 MFT, the new product meets all 17th Edition requirements and provides a range of practical new testing attributes.

Commenting on the launch of the new product, Di-Log Managing Director Ash Mohammed states: "We realised the need for a multi-purpose test product that not only met 17th Edition requirements, but also took account of users' needs for easier testing and recording of results.  Having listened to our customers, we have designed the 9083P to be usable straight from the box."


Testing straight from the box

With the 9083P, contractors can take the tester out of the box and begin testing immediately without recourse to a thick multi-language instruction manual or a CD-Rom. Each test setting is clearly marked and colour coded on the dial, making this the easiest and quickest to use on the market


New Loop Impedance testing methods

The Loop impedance tester now incorporates  a totally new loop test method (patent pending)  which allows loop testing in the presence of any type of 30 mA RCD including electronic types with a resolution of 0.01 ohm. The totally new test method gives faster and much more consistent readings than traditional low test current instruments. A direct readout of PSCC is also given on the large LCD display.


Autotest RCD Test Function

The RCD test function now includes an auto test.  Once the user starts the test the tester automatically resets the RCD each time it trips, without the user having to return to the tester. The trip times are then available for recall at the press of a button.  The unit also incorporates a ramp test which indicates the actual current required to trip the RCD, which can be invaluable for establishing the cause of nuisance tripping.


Simple test result downloading

For total integration and quick analysis of test results there are now two software options, Powerguard Pro and Powerguard Mobile. Results can be entered into the software for production of professional BS 7671 test certificates. The Patguard mobile option allows the user to input test results into a PDA on site for subsequent transfer to the PC back in the office.


Wide test ranges

The insulation test function has test voltages of 100, 250 and 500 V. The continuity test has a range up to 199 ohms and  includes auto null to compensate for lead resistance.

The large LCD display has an analogue bar graph and digital display of readings, allowing the user to make an informed decision about the safety of electrical circuits and compliance with necessary regulations.

The introduction of the 17th Edition wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008) will bring a much closer alignment with CENELEC standards. In the case of installation testers this should place  a much greater emphasise on BS EN 61557. This will result in many current 16th Edition testers no longer complying with the safety and performance test levels implicit in the 17th Edition.


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