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Day: July 2, 2008

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All-In-One tester reduces contractor toolbox clutter

With the Martindale range of Veritest all-in-one testers, a single contractor can now perform the complete suite of the 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations, thereby boosting productivity. The VR2230 is the ideal Part P multifunction tester, allowing continuity testing; insulation

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Electrical junctions protected in wet conditions

The cost difference between an electrical enclosure offering IP54 and IP67 protection is huge. Protecting circuitry, electrical connections, wiring for displays, manual switch gear, sensors and breakers are the basic functions of an electrical enclosure, but if enough consideration has not been

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Protection for office desktop systems

The new iDialog uninterruptible power supply from Riello UPS offers compact and versatile power protection with advanced features for office-based desktop PCs, workstations and small entry-level servers. The typical office desktop is packed with essential data processing and communications devices including a

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Taking inspiration from the ocean

Festo, in conjunction with the specialist display technology company, Effekt-Technik GmbH, has developed a bionic jellyfish – known as AquaJelly – to demonstrate swarming behaviour. Each AquaJelly is able to sense various aspects of its environment and to function completely autonomously, but

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