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RT series industrial UPS systems announced from Borri power Systems Ltd for the UK market and from Power Systems International Ltd for the export markets

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The new RT 20 series of standard industrial duty UPS systems has been announced by Borri Power Systems Limited.

Borri Power Systems Limited was established in England in 1988 and is no newcomer to the UK market or the process industries and industrial applications for UPS systems. The rugged transistor "RT series" of UPS systems have been designed, built and installed in industrial applications over the past 20 years, in particular for the continuity of production processes and for industrial plant automation and control.

The new series RT 20 UPS systems replaces the earlier generation series 2000 products that have provided reliable service in numerous chemical and petrochemical installations, in steel and general metal production plants, glassworks, pulp and paper mills, textile and food plants, publishing, health care and in telecommunication and defence applications.

The RT20 UPS systems can be supplied with 6 pulse rectifiers or with 12 pulse rectifiers, the pulse width modulation (PWM) inverter section uses the Semikron Skiip well proven IGBT power stages. The inverter bridges can be configured a single phase output from 10kVA up to 150kVA, the three phase inverters are supplied from 10kVA to 400kVA. The output is galvanically separated from the load by means of an integral output isolation transformer. The output is delivered via a static interrupter cross coupled with a similar continuously rated static switching module for transferring the critical load to the bypass. This product, unlike some competitors offering does not use the questionable reliablity electromechanical contactor on the inverter output.

The control logic is sectioned so the rectifier, inverter and bypass elements can be operated separately so the UPS system can start and run without the batteries connected, the inverter can also "black start" from batteries, the rectifier can charge the batteries with the inverter and bypass switched off.

The control logic is mounted face forward on a hinged open safety screen shield full height inner door accessed only when the front door is fully opened. This provides excellent access for inspection and fault finding without the need for extender cards or for the logic cards to withdrawn from an enclosure box

The RT20 series UPS systems may be operated in the classic redundant parallel configuration with up to 6 modules synchronised together sharing equally the connected load. The standard metering is by a keypad operated digital display and there is a built in data logger and event recorder and a data output port for remote status indication and monitoring.

A power flow status indicating mimic panel mounted on the front door provides clear audible and visual alarm indication and provides remote alarm signalling by means of an interface printed circuit board.

The RT 20 series UPS systems can be used with VRLA batteries, vented lead acid batteries and NiCd batteries, the standard battery bus voltage is 384v DC but 220V and 120V battery voltages are available as alternative options.

This series of UPS systems use the latest IGBT power semiconductor devices and the commutating frequency used is the optimum to achieve good efficiency, low thermal stress, excellent life expectancy and reliability. The RT20 products are quiet in operation, the design is compact and all features are well laid out.

Good thermal dissipation control of heat from the heat sinks is achieved by using integral low velocity, low noise fans without the need for installing the large, high velocity noisy fans in the top of the enclosure as employed on competitors' products.

The product is easy to install and commission and has and many other characteristics that make RT UPS systems ideal for use in industrial location as well as in computer room environments. Many installations have been made in industrial, banking and university sites, in offices of many public utilities and private companies and they have been used in numerous applications supporting new technology demands in automation, broadcasting, control & instrumentation, communication, defence, avionics and navigation aids.


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