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New Lyneo dimmer provides fluorescent control

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Lutron Electronics, a specialist in lighting control, has announced a new innovation in its line of Lyneo dimmers – the Lyneo 0-10 Fluorescent dimmer, which will for the first time allow installers, designers and specifiers to control 0-10 fluorescent ballasts. 

Recently unveiled at the Light & Building trade show in Frankfurt in April, the new Lyneo Fluorescent dimmer enables users to coordinate a fluorescent dimmer with the other controls in their design, while maintaining the same simple to install functionality.

With Lyneo 0-10 dimmers, it is possible to coordinate the look of controls throughout a property with Lutron's full line of Lyneo dimmers, including the ability to control incandescent/halogen, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, and now, fluorescent load types.  Available in three colours and nine metal finishes, Lyneo dimmers and switches coordinate with Lutron's full line of accessories.

The Lyneo 0-10 dimmer features a push button on/off, enabling users to turn the lights on to a preset light level quickly and easily.  The easy-to-use slider track allows for the smooth adjustment of the light level to suit any activity to give maximum flexibility in any room. 

With proper installation, the Lyneo 0-10 dimmer is rated to control up to thirty 0-10 ballasts for convenient control in any application.  It requires the use of an external relay and 0-10 wires.  It also allows users to easily adjust the high-end trim to create automatic energy savings or simply adjust for differences in 0-10 ballast performance.

Andrew Bechgaard, head of marketing EMEA at Lutron comments: "The Lyneo 0-10 Fluorescent Dimmer has been designed to give fluorescent control, while providing seamless coordination with the existing Lyneo dimmers and Lutron accessories.  Like all Lutron dimmers, the new Lyneo dimmer will help users save energy, and those opting to adjust the high end trim during installation can create additional energy savings above and beyond the regular savings made through dimming."


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