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New drive offers five year guarantee

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IMO's new Jaguar VXR drive offers users the operating security of a unique five year guarantee; a benefit now offered across the full range of IMO Jaguar drives. The Jaguar VXR is available in 5 frame sizes from O.37kW to 15kW; it is equally suited to demanding lift or hoisting applications, as well as fan or pump control. Key to its flexibility is a series of specific application groups that enable easy setup for the relevant control function; for example – brake control for lifting / indexing; multi-setpoint PlD with sleep function and 2- stage PlD on winding applications using dancer input.

"The fact we have such a comprehensive guarantee is evidence of the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of the technology that that goes into our drives," said Stuart Kemp, IMO business manager for inverter products. "Our customers need certainty in their production cycles in order to achieve demanding KPI, and we are providing that certainty with this initiative."

With double the processing power (64Mz) of its predecessor, the Jaguar VXR offers speed and positioning accuracy, and delivers higher levels of control, even with rapidly changing loads. This upgrade in processing ability enables the VXR to offer separate Torque and Current Limiting control functions, (and the facility for >300% starting torque from 1-3Hz) a configuration ideal for many mechanical handling or overload situations.

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