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Take care of microwave leakage

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Because microwave ovens are used so frequently, the door seals may eventually deteriorate, allowing microwave emissions to leak beyond approved limits. Microwave oven leakage testing is often carried out as an adjunct to Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). Leaking microwaves can cause cancer by heating the insides of the body.

The Martindale TEK500 is an easy to use, low cost, pass/fail microwave leakage detector suitable for commercial and domestic ovens. It includes an audible warning device and a self test feature, which simulates a real microwave input to ensure the unit is working correctly.

It is designed and developed to comply with the specification and requirements of BS5175:1976, Safety of Commercial Electrical Appliances using Microwave Energy for Heating Foodstuffs.

Power density is indicated at 1, 5 and 10mW per square centimetre and is suitable for detecting exposure levels according to national standards.

With the accessories supplied, this meter can test for potentially dangerous leaks. The unit is supplied in an outer case with a beaker and a thermometer, allowing for measurement of the microwave power output.

The Martindale TEK500 is available from wholesalers at £148.50.

For further information, visit or call 01923 650688.

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