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New low cost fibre optic cable testing kit now available

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A new low cost fibre optic testing kit has been launched by Ideal Industries that enables users to certify fibre optic cabling and optical devices. Absolute power and end-to-end cable losses can be calculated at four different wavelengths, including a 1490nm measurement mode, enabling users to certify emerging single mode ‘fibre-to-the-home' cabling systems (FTTx).

The handheld FiberMASTER fibre optic tester incorporates a power meter and light source. The power meter enables users to measure multi-mode and single mode signals at the 850, 1300/1310, 1490 and 1550nm wavelengths. By connecting the FiberMASTER power meter to the output of a network device, the direct power can be instantly measured to isolate a faulty transmitter.


The device incorporates several unique features, including an automatic dB calibration function that enables the user to store a reference value and then directly read the loss of the link without having to manually calculate the values – saving valuable time and money. Cable installers would typically use this mode when measuring fibre optic cabling from end-to-end, in order to determine the overall link loss of the system.

The tester has a universal 2.5mm adapter for the power meter and ST, SC and FC connectors for the light source. Measurements are displayed in dBm (decibel milliwatt) and mW (milliwatt). Measurement range is from -60 to +3dBm. Operating temperature is from -10°C up to +60°C.

The 850nm LED light source for multi-mode applications is very compact and docks neatly into the bottom of the power meter for easy storage. Each meter operates on three AAA batteries and comes with a rugged carrying case, as well as multi-mode SC jumpers and coupler for calibration.

Tony Kumeta, European General Manager at Ideal Industries U.K. comments: "FiberMASTER provides all the features professionals require to certify and troubleshoot any type of fibre optic cabling, including Fibre-To-The-Home installations whilst setting a new level of price-performance in the market."


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