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Din-Rail DC UPS is Bullet Proof

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PULS UK, Europe’s largest manufacturer of high efficiency DIN-rail power supplies, announces launch of an energy efficient and space saving DC UPS for industrial control systems.

The UB10.245 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) controller works alongside any standard 24VDC power supply or power bus and with one 12V battery can provide no-break power and protect against voltage fluctuations. The UB10.245 UPS features two outputs, 24VDC for control systems, valves etc. and 12VDC for modems, remote telemetry or control networks. The 12VDC secondary output is generated by a high efficiency DC:DC converter within the UPS.

The PULS UB10.245 DC UPS features an advanced battery management system which charges and monitors the battery to achieve the longest possible battery service life and includes many diagnostic functions that ensure reliable operation of the entire system.

Harry Moore, Managing Director of PULS UK comments, “Our new DIN-Rail DC UPS provides a bullet-proof, compact and highly efficient solution to ensuring safe operation of critical industrial control systems at the point of use. Using a DC UPS offers efficiency gains over conventional AC:AC UPS products by reducing the number of conversions required to provide a secure 24VDC supply.

In common with all PULS Dimension Series DIN-Rail power products the UB10.245 features 50% bonus power, electronic overload and short circuit protection, operating temperature range of -25 to +50°C, dimensions of just 49x124x117mm and a three year warranty

All PULS Din-Rail power supplies are available from stock for next day delivery.

+44 845 1301080

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