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EDF partner in recharging scheme

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EDF Energy has joined forces with Elektromotive, s manufacturer of recharging bays for electric vehicles (EVs). The partnership is committed to providing 250 Elektrobay recharging systems to local councils throughout the UK by 31 March 2008.

Councils who have committed to installing the charging posts to date include Sheffield Borough Council, Islington Borough Council, Camden Council and Lambeth Council.

75% of motorists polled by EDF Energy in a recent survey stated they would like their local council to help them reduce their car’s CO2 emissions, EDF Energy’s funding initiative is one way councillors can respond to the needs of their residents. Councils are required to pay towards the cost of the installation but the cost of the Elektrobay recharging units is subsidised by EDF Energy and, together with other available grants, the recharging bays can be supplied to councils at no cost.

Other findings revealed despite a growing desire among British motorists to reduce their environmental impact, the majority of drivers (83%) feel they don’t know enough about greener alternatives such as EVs to be able to make the purchase. 84% of those surveyed couldn’t name a model of EV and 70% wouldn’t know where they would recharge one.

Peter Thorn, head of innovation and partnerships at EDF Energy comments: “As concern for the environment grows, motorists are no longer only interested in what their car looks like, or how fast it can go. The research shows drivers are increasingly demanding transport options that don’t have such a detrimental effect.”

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