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Energy split slammed

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McKinnon & Clarke, the world’s largest independent energy consultant has slammed the “softly-softly” approach by the European Commission in its drive to reduce gas and electricity prices.

The proposed “unbundling” for energy giants such as Electricite de France will do little to hasten the onset of increased competition believes McKinnon and Clarke’s managing director Simon Northrop. “This appears to me to be more of a protectionist move by the European Commission to guard against others, outwith the EU, having any influence on transmission networks.” Commented Mr Northrop. “Fair access to transmission networks is a positive but bowing to pressure from Germany and France and allowing companies the option to retain ownership of their power lines or pipes will effectively kill of any real hope of competition.” Mr Northrop added.

Director of Gas and Electricity from McKinnon and Clarke, Sandra Gray added: “For years we have heard about the introduction of competition throughout Europe yet this latest move will not achieve the goal which is to drive down prices. It is effectively the consumers – both business and domestic – who are paying the penalty for Brussels’ unwillingness to decisively enforce true competition across Europe.”

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