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New lightweight, small diameter cables are fire resistant

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Tyco Electronics has expanded its range of lightweight, small diameter C-Lite cables with a version designed for use in high risk and safety critical environments. C-Lite FR cables feature all performance characteristics of the standard C-Lite cable range with the added ability of maintaining circuit integrity for 2 hours during a 1000 degrees Celsius fire (as defined by IEC60331). Prototype samples actually survived the fire for 8 hours.

Tyco Electronics’ range of lightweight, small diameter C-Lite cables offers typical 30% weight and 50% volume reductions compared to standard commercial cables, without any compromise to physical performance. Designed for electrical installations on ships or rigs (e.g. engines, general power, lighting, communication and electrical equipment cabinets), the cables also provide excellent performance in oils, chemicals and drilling mud.

A true low cost solution with much improved installation and handling capabilities, the reduced weight of the C-Lite cable range results in a typically 30% faster ‘reaving’ (cable pulling) time. This enables more metres to be installed for the same weight, resulting in faster installation times. The reduced diameter of the cables allows for a smaller bend radius and more cables to be accommodated within the same space envelope. Alternatively, smaller and lower cost cable accessories can be used, meaning further weight savings, for example: smaller glands and cable trays.

Using a reduced amount of combustible materials and offering low smoke generation, all C-Lite cables are constructed from flame retarded, halogen-free cores and Raychem brand Zerohal outer cable sheath. The components are designed for an operating temperature range from -40 to +120°C.

Tyco Electronics

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