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Farnell first for ITT’s Cannon range of Universal Contact and Mini RF connectors

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ITT Electronic Components has announced Farnell as the first pan-European stockist for its Cannon Universal Contacts and Mini RF connectors.

An independent range of SMT contacts, the new series of Universal Contacts provides an electrical connection between a device and a PCB. Manufactured as a single piece stamped product, incorporating pre-load and anti-lift features, new Universal Contacts have been designed to replace traditional interfaces where the contact is custom designed into the component. The contacts can be used to connect a number of device components in any direction and configuration using the same interface, significantly reducing qualification time. The 1.3mm version features the lowest profile currently available on the market – and an even lower profile option, just 0.9mm in height, is in development.

Universal Contacts provide a standard interface across applications and platforms and are ideal for use in numerous applications such as handsets (e.g. I/O connector, battery contact, SIM contact), laptops and computers (e.g. memory stick), home electronic devices and white goods (e.g. smoke detectors, alarm systems, home appliances), automotive (key fob), medical (CT scan equipment) and industrial (circuit breaker for GPS beacon). Universal Contacts are fully WEEE and RoHS compliant.

ITT’s Cannon switchable MINI RF connector combines miniaturisation with durability and high performance. Devices are intended for test and accessory use in conjunction with a wide range of telecommunications, consumer, automotive and industrial equipment. Measuring only 2.7 by 2.7 mm – and only 1.6mm high – the MINI RF series is ideal for small devices requiring verification of antenna and circuit performance. Connectors support signal frequencies up to 6-GHz and incorporates 3˚ misalignment, allowing for angular misalignment when mating sections are engaged.

Featuring a high level of durability, the snap-on interface allows for 100 mating cycles. The cradle interface – present in the Accessory Port version – exceeds 5000 mating cycles thanks to the company’s patented “ball geometry” design. It corrects the misalignment issues that are present in other products on the market.

Comments Sam Pease, Supplier Account Manager, Farnell – Europe & Asia Pacific: “These two new interconnect series will be of tremendous interest to our Pan European customer base, many of whom will be seeing these innovative solutions for the first time.”

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