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3M launches IP67 shell to protect cable connectors on the factory floor

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3M has announced a new product to help prevent damage to RJ45 cable connectors on the factory floor. Like all 3M cabling products, the IP67 shell is designed for easy installation, requiring no specialist tools and is compliant with the international IP 67 standard, which concerns industrial housing environmental protection.

Increasingly, Ethernet applications are being used in manufacturing to drive machinery and control data traffic, meaning that cable systems are becoming more prevalent in these environments. The 3M shell provides protection against external fluids and dust by covering the RJ45 connector to create a watertight and airtight seal.

Suitable for Category 5e and Category 6 cable systems, the 3M IP67 shell will fit any industry standard RJ45 connector and in many cases, can be retro-fitted onto existing systems. It is also fire retardant, meeting NF F16-102 and DIN 5510-2 industry standards, and provides resistance to shock, vibration and traction. An optional cap protects the connection point when not in use.

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