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Rotary Mains Switch Handles 10 Amps

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Lorlin Electronics, the UK’s longest established switch manufacturer, announces the introduction of the RMS Rotary Mains Switch. This RoHS compliant miniature switch has many applications in industrial, domestic and portable equipment such as control panels, lighting and test equipment.

The RMS switch provides an on/off function and is approved to EN61058 with double pole isolation and a 3mm contact gap. The switch is rated at 4A @ 250Vac and is capable of accepting an inrush current of 80A from resistive or capacitive loads. For battery powered portable equipment the switch is rated to 10A @ 12VDC. The RMS switch is available with either solder or PCB terminals and metric and imperial sized spindles and bushes may be specified. Spindles are available with or without flats as required and rotate through a 45º index angle.

“We have developed the RMS rotary mains switch to meet growing market demands for a small, reliable on-off switch. By making this product available through both Farnell and RS we give equipment designers maximum access to stock for both prototype and production requirements.” Claims Dan Walker, Sales Manager of Lorlin Electronics. “As we manufacture our products in the UK we are also able to customise both mechanical and electrical specifications to meet individual customer requirements.

The RMS switch has an operating life greater than 10,000 cycles and will work over the temperature range -25ºC to +85ºC. Switch Contacts are silver cadmium oxide and the switch chamber is made from polyester G.F. (PBT) V0 Rated.

Typical applications for the Lorlin RMS miniature rotary mains switch include, domestic appliances, electrical equipment, control and alarm panels, instrumentation and portable equipment. The new RMS switch is available direct from Lorlin or from franchised distributors worldwide. For more information go to

Lorlin Electronics
+44 (0)1903 725121

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