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Bright future ahead for Sill

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Franz Sill GmbH, the parent company of Sill Lighting UK, has just announced the appointment of Steve Warsow as the new managing director of this specialist lighting projector company.

The move heralds a new direction and future vision for Franz Sill GmbH and it is the first time in the company’s 53 year history that the management team has not included a member of the family.
Kristian Ahlborn, Sill’s commercial managing director who joined the company after an earlier international position, is stepping aside to take more of a consultancy role with Sill for it to still benefit from his many years of experience.

Steve Warsow, 44, has been with Franz Sill for the last two years as its head of finance, having previously come from a very successful background with a firm of auditors. Steve will be instrumental in leading the strategic direction for Sill and he brings with him not only his financial ability but also the crucial management ability to put the right structure in place for the company’s future development of its design, its products and its people.

Sill Lighting UK has played a leading part with its parent Franz Sill GmbH in the company’s product development programme, particularly in LED development, and will now become a partner in developing new forward strategy as Steve Warsow takes on his new role.

Commenting on the company’s change in leadership, Bob Bohannon, general manager Sill Lighting UK said, “ I have worked with Kristian Ahlborn for many years and he has made a very significant contribution to Sill. He is universally respected by all for the far-sighted decision he has made in handing over to an excellent successor.” He continued, “I am equally pleased at the new vision, speed, freedom and opportunity which is now presented by the promotion of Steve Warsow whom I know will project and encourage fresh new ideas into the company for a very bright future ahead.”

Sill is already working on its next generation of projectors to enhance the range for various currently untapped markets and will be building on its strong environmental credentials. There will be much to see at Frankfurt come 2008.

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