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Alu-Bay comes all in one box

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Contractors and distributors alike will welcome the Thorn Alu-Bay – a high bay discharge luminaire packed complete with housing and reflector to facilitate ordering, stocking and customer convenience. Now, instead of two or more items, they can order one box containing everything. This means no more mistakes selling the wrong combinations, no more dissatisfied customers and fewer boxes to stock.

All-in-one pack fittings are not new, but the new Alu-Bay beats them all. The robust aluminium housing comes in 250W and 400W wattages offering extreme versatility in the desired light source (HSE, HME or HIE). Complimented with either an aluminium reflector or polycarbonate prismatic refractor (giving direct/indirect light) and attachments the luminaire ensures the benefits of a solution in a wide range of applications.

Wiring and fixing is extremely simple, thanks to a pre-installed mains cable (1.5m), central suspension hook and a keyhole slots reflector connection method. The Alu-Bay is also available with IP65 protection for tougher industrial surroundings.

Competitively priced, like all luminaires in the company’s LumExpress contractor range, Alu-Bay is an ideal solution for cost conscious users in practically any kind of industrial or decorative high bay application. It's guaranteed to brighten up factories and DIY stores!

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