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IET urges radical shake up of energy policy

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The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Europe’s largest professional engineering and technology society, will this week warn the government’s current energy policy is failing to recognise the critical importance of reducing our demand for energy, and this will have to be tackled in the imminent energy white paper if the government is to meet its own targets.

The IET will issue its warning at its Energy Principles briefing to MPs at the House of Commons today. The Institution says that it’s not too late to change the course of action and the technology is already available to promote leaner and cleaner energy use.

John Loughhead, chair of the IET Energy Sector Panel said: “Our national energy priorities are upside-down. We are failing to tackle the fastest growing areas of energy use, which are our homes and transport systems. Individuals are directly in control of half the country’s energy use, and need to be offered the motivation and the means to contribute to the solutions. There is plenty of clean technology that can be used right now without breaking the bank.”

The IET has set out 10 energy principles which it is urging MPs to use to measure against government proposals in the energy white, expected in May. The challenge facing the government and the UK is to develop an energy policy that prioritises the reduction of energy use before seeking to meet the demand by the cleanest means possible.

Loughhead added: “Government also needs to make sure more radical technological solutions are available in the future. This means creating the conditions and providing support to encourage innovation, and making sure our education system delivers tomorrow’s engineers and technologists. We are not going to overhaul our energy system overnight, but we should be setting our priorities and developing essential skills now.”

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