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Scottish windfarm brings UK’s total portfolio to 2GW

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The UK has become the seventh country in the world to install over 2GW of wind energy.
The generation and export to the grid of electricity from the Braes of Doune wind farm brings the UK’s total wind power portfolio to 2GW, or 2,000MW, generating sufficient electricity to meet the needs of 1.1m households – corresponding to a third of London’s homes, or almost half the homes in Scotland – and will prevent the emission of over 4m tonnes of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, equivalent to taking 1.5 million cars off the road.
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Alistair Darling, switching on a turbine, said: “Reaching 2GW is a significant landmark and the UK wind industry is to be applauded. It reflects the Government’s commitment to expanding the UK’s renewable energy resource. This is central to our efforts to tackle climate change, highlighted again last week by the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change.
“We want 20% of our electricity to come from these green sources and we are working hard on removing any barriers to achieving that aim. Wave, tidal and offshore wind power can make a significant contribution in future but onshore wind energy is delivering capacity here and now.”

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