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UK must work closely with Norway

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The United Kingdom must work closely with Norway if it is to meet the twin challenges of ensuring a clean and secure energy supply.
According to Malcolm Wicks, Minister for Energy, the global demand for energy will continue to increase and yet there is constant uncertainty in the global oil market.
Speaking in advance of the Offshore Northern Seas Conference, Wicks said: “It is increasingly important that we do as much as possible to maintain production and extend the potential and life of our own reserves. A partnership with Norway is critical to getting the energy we need to keep us warm this winter,” he commented.
“With between 21 and 27bn barrels of oil remaining, the North Sea continues to offer great opportunities. But we also have to look to the future and having the right infrastructure in place will be key to ensuring secure supplies.
“We have been working with Norway to look at ways to store carbon emissions in depleted oil fields. This could cut C02 emissions levels by as much as 90% and has the potential to provide a solution to help mitigate the harmful effects of carbon emissions,” he added

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