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The lighter, brighter Sonpak LX

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One of the outstanding sales success stories in floodlighting, Thorn Sonpaks are now set to score even greater successes.

Thorn pioneered the original economical and efficient 70W SON-T floodlight 25 years ago and Sonpaks have been best-sellers ever since. They proved a boon to contractors faced with the problem of recommending low energy, reliable and maintenance free floodlighting at affordable prices.

Now, in a complete redesign, Thorn Sonpaks offer – more than ever before – better lighting, easier installation, simplified stocking and greater eye-appeal! There are two units – 70W and 150/250/400W rather than the previous three. Apart from improved light distribution – the asymmetrical reflector allows greater downward beam control – Sonpak LX fittings are very light in weight (the higher rating is about two thirds the weight of its predecessor) and they’re more compact and easier to install and handle on site. The precision instrument look of the new floods is also an improvement. What’s more, it’s the latest addition to the company’s LumExpress range, which means excellent availability from wholesalers. And the fittings are no more expensive than the previous Thorn range!

All the Sonpak LX floods are similar in design and finished in black, though the larger model has an aluminium body with a toughened glass front, whilst the smaller unit employs polypropylene and a vandal resistant polycarbonate visor. All are sealed to IP65 and supplied complete with either a metal halide or high pressure sodium lamp.

Accessories include a spigot, louvre, wire guard and, importantly, a spill shield. The popular 70W versions with integral photocell have been retained.

Sonpak LXs are ideal for a wide range of uses from functional lighting (loading bays and car parks), many types of decorative floodlighting (pubs and gardens) and much needed security lighting for the prevention of theft and vandalism.

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