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Nuclear naval fleet to be decommissioned

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The British arm of the Fluor Corporation and British Nuclear Group’s decommissioning business, Project Services, have secured a contract with the Russian Foundation for Environmental Safety of Power Engineering.
Fluor and Project Services will assist with the decommissioning of the retired Russian nuclear-powered naval fleet and associated waste management near the ports of Murmansk and Archangelsk in the Barents Sea. The contract, which will see the two companies working alongside Rosatom, the Russian government organisation, will provide a foothold in the clean-up of Russia’s nuclear legacy. The contract is expected to include developing a computer-based program management tool for the venture and project management and technical support. “Nuclear clean-up is a global challenge and we are delighted to have this key partnership with Fluor that combines the best clean-up expertise and talent,” commented Paul Hamer, managing director of British Nuclear Group Project Services.

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