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NWML takes dim view of rulebreaking

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The National Weights and Measures Laboratory (NWML), which is acting as the enforcement authority for the new RoHS directive, has been directed to take a dim view of those looking to flout the rules.
“We will help those that are aiming to comply but vigorously pursue those that intend not to comply with the regulations,” explained head of the RoHS department at NWML, Chris Smith.
“We have already been working closely with trade associations, quality systems organisations and individual companies, providing advice and support on the interpretation of the regulations,” he adds.
Any non-compliant product still on its way to Europe will be unable to be sold after 1 July. “This causes a threat for importers of electrical equipment whose products have not cleared customs,” explains Mark Shyler from Eco3, RoHS’s consultancy.
“We have only put just over 400 companies and 1,000 individual through training, which shows us that very few companies have really got to grips with what RoHS will mean to them,” added Shyler.

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