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New UK energy and innovation partnership appoints co-chairman

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Sir David King, chief scientific adviser, has confirmed the appointment of Dr Paul Golby, chief executive of E.On UK, as his co-chairman of the UK Energy Research Partnership.

The new body, which met informally for the first time this week, will bring together key funders of energy research and innovation from government, industry and academia and will be officially launched in January.

Sir David King said: “Ukerp presents a unique opportunity for the private and public sectors to work together to produce a strategic approach for the future of the energy industry in the UK.

“Ukerp will contribute to the strategic direction of UK energy research, development and demonstration. It will promote a coherent approach to addressing UK energy challenges, set within an international context, and enhancing the UK’s long-term prospects for attracting increasing energy-related investments and activity.”

Dr Golby said: “Energy and energy issues are becoming more and more important in the UK and it’s vital the industry works with government and experts in academia to find answers to many of the questions we’re posing and that are being asked of us.”

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