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AB Connectors launches state-of-the-art connector for the German shipbuilding industry

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AB Connectors, the leading UK based connector manufacturer, which is part of the TT Electronics group, is launching its high specification VG 96930 connector. The connector, specified for warships using the modular system, increases the life-expectancy of the previous VG 88869 model twenty-fold and represents a world-first achievement of this superior manufacturing standard. The development signifies a major improvement in the quality of connectors for the German naval shipbuilding industry.

Harvey Preston, Managing Director of AB Connectors is pleased with the new connector, saying: “The VG 96930 connector represents a significant advancement for AB Connectors in the German shipbuilding industry in terms of technical development in product life-expectancy and cost-benefits to our customers and will serve to further strengthen our portfolio. The VG 96930 system provides the main interconnection point between the weapon itself and the control cabin, which powers the ship’s gun, radar and sonar weapon systems and I’m delighted our resilient connector will play a crucial role in the German shipbuilding industry.”

The new fine screw threaded VG 96930 Connector is a simpler version of the previous aluminium and cadmium plating model known as the MK22 range. The state-of-the-art connector is made from stainless steel and hard anodised aluminium which extends its life-expectancy from a matter of months to many years. The new material solves the weight control and erosion issues previously experienced with the aluminium and cadmium plating model and give significant environmental benefits above deck and subsequent exposure to salt spray and sulphur dioxide smoke fumes.

AB Connectors, an organisation at the forefront of innovation and new product development, is the market leader in the manufacture of connectors and interconnection systems specifically designed to operate in the harshest environment, where high performance and reliability are mandatory. The company, whose headquarters employ around 230 people, has expanded its product range considerably over the last few years to produce systems that protect against extremes in temperature and humidity levels, as well as other environmental elements.

AB Connectors Ltd works very closely with their German agent, Argenta Elektronik Gmbh to support the German Shipyards: Argenta Elektronik Gmbh, Solingen, Germany. Tel +49 212258130

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