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Ideal high-specification timers for DIN rail installation

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Following the decision by Wieland Electric to market the wide range of products from recently acquired Schleicher Electric, the company has been able to exploit the synergies of the two companies to provide an even greater range of products for control technology solutions. The culmination of decades of expertise in timer technology has resulted in a family of high specification electronic timers, just 22.5mm in width.

The compact dimensions of the NGG series of multi-function, multi-range electronic timers makes it suitable for DIN rail installation where space is at a premium. Designed for ambient temperatures of -25 to +60 degrees, the timers have on delay or off delay, interval on/off, clock generator with fixed pulse/pause and pulse output with operate delay, pulse shaper/generator with settable pause time.

An instantaneous contact also allows an additional influence on the output signal in time controls and closed-loop control circuits by allowing on/off switching independent of the elapsed time. Settings range from 0.1s to 300h in 16 time ranges.

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