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Tough ties from Partex are easy to fit

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For applications which need cable ties that are fast and easy to fit, even in difficult conditions, yet offer the best possible resistance to accidental opening, the new Metal Barbed Ties from Partex offer an ideal solution.
Key features of the new ties are that the tooth, which locks the tail in place after fitting, is made from tough molybdenum-enriched austenitic stainless steel, and it is typically 30% wider than the tooth found in other manufacturers' ties. This means that Metal Barbed Ties can, on average, withstand 36% more tension before they are forced open, making them well suited for use in applications where high levels of vibration and mechanical stresses are likely to be encountered.

Available in sizes from 100mm x 2.5mm to 365mm x 4.5mm, Metal Barbed Ties are easier to fit than conventional ties, due to the non-serrated body. While the textured tip makes it easy to engage the end of the tie, even when working in a restricted space, the smooth main section of the tail also makes tightening easy. In addition, this aids optimum tensioning, irrespective of the size of the object to which the tie is applied.

A further benefit of Metal Barbed Ties is that the stainless steel used for the tooth, and the premium quality PA66 material used for the body are both highly resistant to corrosion. Further, the ties have been proven by testing in accordance with EN 50146 to be suitable for use at temperatures as low as –40ºC. These properties means that Metal Barbed Ties are an effective and economical choice for use in petrochemical plants, offshore installations and other demanding environments.

Partex Marking Systems (UK) Limited is one of the UK's leading specialist suppliers of marking and accessory products for electrical applications. With offerings ranging from standard PVC cable markers to stainless steel and custom-produced markers, Partex is committed to blending the best of traditional and modern technology to produce the optimum product for every application. The company also operates a full technical support and advisory service relating to its products.

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