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STI (Europe) has launched KeySOLVE, a new single door proximity access control system. KeySOLVE provides authorised access to a door for up to 1500 users, using a simple electronic key fob. Each key fob contains a unique code that cannot be copied or changed. When a key is presented to the reader, access is allowed if the key code matches the same code programmed in the reader.

KeySOLVE is battery powered, with a typical 5-year life, providing a cost-effective and easy to install access control solution for single doors, which can be implemented building-wide. As building use changes, additional doors can be easily added and programmed for all existing users. Different levels of user can be easily configured to ensure more secure areas are only accessed by those with the correct authority.

Two types of reader are available, the RL Series Rim Lock and the CR Series Controller Reader. The rim lock is a self-contained battery powered unit that includes the locking mechanism, reader and controller. It provides high quality access control in a package that can be installed in less than one hour. Installation is as a standard rim lock and the unit will retrofit onto existing mechanical key based installations.

The rim lock’s in-built buttons and display, together with the key reader, are used for all set up and key administration functions. Where it is impractical to fit the rim lock the benefits of keySOLVE can be delivered by the installation of the CR controller reader. This device holds all the intelligence and flexibility of the keySOLVE system within a stand-alone control unit which allows control of a conventional electric door release or a magnetic lock.

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