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The Sonos Universal Base Sounder from Klaxon Signals is a low profile unit designed to be installed beneath a variety of smoke and heat detectors in existing fire alarm systems. It enables detection and alarm at the same point, eliminating the need to have separate sounders in the circuit. Consequently, it also reduces wiring and installation costs.

Unlike its sister product the Sonos Series 65, which was designed specifically for installation with Apollo• Series 65 detectors, the new Base Sounder has been designed to complement a wide variety of detectors, providing installers with a greater choice of devices.

With two large cable entry locations and keyhole fixing points, installation is both quick and easy. The product can be used as a stand alone sounder if required, in which case coverplates are available. It is available in a choice of colours, including white and cream, to coordinate with different detectors.

With a sound output of 95dB, 32 distinct alarm tones and volume control, the product is ideal for areas with low ambient noise where it is desirable to have a large number of low power sounders. For more information visit Klaxon’s website at

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