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Popular starter range updated

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Eaton is introducing a new motor starter range, ADS8, to replace the successful ADS7 range which has been on the market for 20 years. The ADS8 builds upon the strengths of its predecessor but offers easier installation along with excellent performance and full compliance with the latest international standards. It is available for direct-on-line applications up to 9kW and is rated 18A for AC3 duty.

The ADS8 starter is similar in appearance to the model which it replaces, using a similar robust IP54 metalclad enclosure with distinctive green start button and red mushroom-headed stop button. Fixing centres and gland entry positions are identical, to facilitate replacement, but internally it uses a new contactor assembly that is fully compliant with the latest international controlgear standard, IEC 60947-4-1 and BS EN 60947-4-1. All materials meet the RoHS criteria.

Units are available for both 220-240V and 380-415V applications. Overload relays are sold separately, thereby enabling distributors to stock units to cover a wide range of applications without using up too much shelf space.

Ease of installation, making for speed and cost savings, is a major feature. The cover has captive fixing screws and all internal screws have dual flat/cross-slot heads. The contactor is mounted on a quick-release assembly that involves releasing two screws to remove it from the enclosure. The contactor is offset within the enclosure, leaving generous space on one side for wiring.

Spare contactors and coils are available separately and there is a 110V coil available in addition to the 220-240V and 380-415V coils.

The powder-coated metalclad enclosure provides high resistance to impact, making it ideally suited to applications in factories, farms, garage workshops, fabrication shops and similar environments whilst providing excellent earth continuity.

Specification and stock holding are simplified because the part numbers for the ADS8 starters are similar to those for the old ADS7 range, making for a smooth transition from the old range to the new.

“The ADS starter range has been an established favourite with users and installers for many years, especially in arduous conditions where a strong metalclad enclosure is preferred. We are confident that the ADS8 with its enhanced installation features and new contactor-relay assembly will maintain this tradition” says Product Manager, Mike Short.

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