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A new hand held instrument not only tests the safety of workplace electrical equipment appliances but also enables the condition of other safety equipment to be recorded quickly and easily.

The lightweight and battery powered PrimeTest 300 from Seaward carries out all appliance safety tests needed for compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations and also checks the condition of the electrical circuit to which they are connected.

In addition, the innovative tester enables individual safety records to be updated for other workplace safety equipment including the condition of fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, ladders and other items.

Information can be stored in the tester for later download to PC-based safety management records systems, which are important for traceability and due diligence purposes.

The PrimeTest 300 therefore provides a versatile electrical safety testing and data collection device for all involved in safety management in the workplace.

Lightweight and highly portable, the new tester also incorporates Bluetooth technology to enable electrical test accessories such bar code scanners and safety-labelling printers to be linked directly to the instrument without the need for continuous plugging and unplugging of cables.

As a result, the instrument reduces the non-productive downtime between tests and means that safety audit and test schedules can be undertaken quickly and effectively.

The PrimeTest 300’s intuitive and easy to follow user interface supports straightforward operation and test control in either manual or automatic test modes. Operating features include fast start up, a large white backlit graphics display and full alphanumeric keypad, including programmable soft keys for customised test routines.

The PrimeTest 300 can also be used with a special Test ‘n’ Tag system for the fast and automatic printing of appliance test labels direct from the test instrument. Application of the labels to equipment at the time of test provides an immediate indication that appliances are safe to use in the work environment.

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