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Tyco Electronics introduces iTRACS Infrastructure Management software for AMPTRAC connectivity management system

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Tyco Electronics has introduced a new version of the iTRACS Infrastructure Management software, specially designed for use with the AMP NETCONNECT AMPTRAC connectivity management system.

The enhanced software is designed to better examine and map network connectivity, simplify moves, adds and changes (MACs), and eliminate time-consuming manual work-order processes by tailoring access to help desks, network administrators, and technicians.

‘The iTRACS software is ideal for customers with complex telecommunications networks and critical applications, such as financial and educational institutions, data centres, medical facilities, and government organisation’, explains Eddie Boyce, UK Product Marketing Manager for Tyco Electronics AMP NETCONNECT Solutions Division: ‘These customers share the difficult task of managing complicated networks while requiring accurate documentation, security, and frequent moves, adds and changes. Now, with iTRACS software and the AMPTRAC connectivity management system, connectivity management is taken to a whole new level, revolutionising the way customers control, monitor, secure and document their infrastructures.’

When used in conjunction with the AMPTRAC connectivity management system, the iTRACS software enables real-time monitoring and reporting of the physical network connections and devices, including automatic alerts and event logging whenever a connectivity change is detected. The software’s automated work order process function enables administrators to determine rights and privileges for authorised users to propose MACs (Moves Adds and Changes) and create detailed work orders and schedules. Once an accepted work order is complete, the iTRACS software instantly updates all records. When unauthorised changes occur, work orders to reverse unwanted actions are generated.

Detailed reports of cable and port usage and suggested autorouting are invaluable tools for network administrators to optimise asset utilisation and prevent costly errors. The new iTRACS software provides full functionality by remote users via any Windows

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