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Hollow shafts now available for Parvalux LH Series gearboxes

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Parvalux, the UK’s leading manufacturer of small geared motors, has extended the option of a hollow output shaft to its LH series of reduction gearboxes. The shafts are available with a 15 mm internal diameter and 5 mm internal keyway. They can be supplied in a range of materials including stainless steel, while yellow passivated coating provides a lower cost option for protection against corrosion.

Hollow shafts provide a low cost and compact method of coupling the gearbox to the load. Assembly time is reduced since no additional components such as external couplings are required. Hollow shaft couplings are also easy to keep clean and require minimal guarding.

LH type gearboxes are lubricated for life and feature single reduction worm gears with a right angle output shaft. Specially designed to minimise noise and provide a long maintenance free life, they can be integrated with single or three phase AC induction motors or variable speed AC and DC motors. Output is up to 22Nm with reduction ratios available from 5:1 to 60:1.

Parvalux specialises in the manufacture of motor/gearbox units to the customer’s exact requirements. A wide range of options is available to suit every application, for example, in addition to the wide range of gearbox styles, motor types, voltages and ratings, Parvalux can also offer the option of alternative fixings or electromechanical brakes. For accurate speed and torque control, the Parvalux DC controller is the perfect match, providing a speed range of 25:1.

Full details of the many options available for each type of motor/gearbox combination can be found in the Parvalux catalogue which is available on CD

The catalogue contains comprehensive details of the full range of motors, geared motor units and blower units. Further details can also be found on the company’s web site at

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